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St Anthony of Padua



The foundation stone of St Anthony of Padua was laid on September26th 1869 and the first service was held just after Easter the following year. The land was donated by a local farmer, Michael Kelly with services prior to this were held in a barn on the nearby property owned by Michael Buckley.

A school had been thriving across the road for several years prior to the church being built and a presbytery was added in 1872. In 1875 Mary Mackillop Sisters took over the school and a convent was built for them to live in. They left around 1895.

The school and the convent were later closed and removed the presbytery was closed in 1957 and removed to the ES&A bank in Saddleworth. The presbytery ruins were purchased by John and Deirdre McInerney in 1976 and restored to a family home.

Originally served by the Jesuits from Sevenhill the parish was handed over to the Adelaide archdiocese in 1890 along with Saddleworth and Auburn and Undayla.

Farrell’s Flat as it was then called was added later. Although it was always known as the Manoora Parish up until it amalgamated with Riverton in 1975.

In 2000 the Riverton/Manoora Parish came to be serviced sacramentally by the Jesuits from Sevenhill so for St Anthony’s a full circle has turned.

The Church boasts a magnificent stained-glass window made by Edward Brooks and one made by his son, renowned maker William Brooks, commemorating Fr Edmund O’Brien the first native born SA priest and a former parishioner raised in Manoora.

Parishioners also donated funds for a magnificent memorial over his grave in the attached cemetery.

St Anthony’s was extensively renovated in the 1960’s with a feature altar designed by Tony Griffin a former parishioner and dressed stone at the back of the Chancel from local stone.

The Church is still cared for by local families and Mass is offered every 2nd month.

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