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Regional Assembly 
Held at St Joseph's School Site, Clare
Saturday 4th November 2023 


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In November 2023 The Parish of Sevenhill hosted the Regional Assembly

The Regional Assembly held in Clare on  Saturday 4th November  2023 was well attended. We were especially grateful to the St Joseph’s School P&F, staff and families for providing a generous welcome to those who visited for the Regional Assembly. Together with parishioners and members of school communities in the Yorke Peninsula, Northern Light, Gawler, Two Wells and Riverton parishes we considered the topics of ministry with youth and young families, faith formation, leadership & outreach, and welcome and inclusion.  We also discussed opportunities for collaboration between the parishes in our region.  November's  Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our own Sevenhill Parish Pastoral Council  provided us with the opportunity to review our experiences of parish life during 2023 and  to develop our response to the pastoral needs and ministry opportunities that were considered at the Regional Assembly

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Photos from the day



Why did we hold Regional Assemblies?

The Regional Assemblies were a continuation of the 2021 and 2022 Diocesan Assemblies. Holding them at the regional level allowed more people to engage in the listening, dialogue and planning for mission. It was our hope that the Regional Assemblies would initiate new opportunities for supportive and collaborative relationships and partnerships, as well as being an ongoing expression of the People of God, together on the way.

Key Questions

  • How do we become a church that goes out to meet children, families and young people wherever they are, responds to their needs, and engages in ongoing accompaniment with them in safe and supportive communities?

  • What does it mean to be a missionary church, an outward facing church, in regard to children, families and young people?

  • How might the diocese and parishes better support families with young children?  How do we learn what these families would find nurturing and helpful?

  • How might the church engage more meaningfully with young people to enable them to find a ‘place to belong’?

  • How do we allow the insights, challenges and experiences of young people, children and families to inform and influence our church – parishes, schools, communities and services?

  • What particular approaches need to be strengthened and supported to develop youth leadership as an integral part of Church leadership?

  • What would it look like to provide inter-generational accompaniment in our communities? How are the young and the elderly looked after together

Thank you to Northern Light Region for the photographs

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