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Marian Procession 6th May 2023


Marian Procession Sevenhill

In 2023 we commenced the Marian Month of May with a traditional Marian Procession following

8am Mass on Saturday 6th May.

Upon arrival at the Shrine the

Floral tributes were laid, the Statue of Our Lady was crowned with a wreath of roses.

The Rosary was led by Parish Priest Fr. Kieran Gill.

He then invited the group to remain for contemplative reflection and prayer before inviting them to morning tea at Sadler House.

Veneration of Mary

She is clearly the mother of his members, that is, of ourselves, because she co-operated by her charity so that faithful members of the Head might be born in the Church. As for the body, she is the mother of its Head . . . Mary gave birth to our Head; the Church gave birth to you. Indeed, the Church also is both virgin and mother, mother because of her womb of charity, virgin because of the integrity of her faith and piety.”

—St Augustine

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